First Steps in Planning for Mantle of the Expert - 31 August


Mantle of the Expert is a ‘dramatic inquiry’ teaching approach used in hundreds of classrooms around the world, including in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is popular with teachers and learners as a way to make learning engaging, collaborative, active, authentic, safe and meaningful – right across the curriculum. 

Learners are positioned as a responsible expert team working on an important job, or commission. Through drama and inquiry they encounter and overcome real-world problems and explore multiple perspectives as they deepen skills and knowledge across the curriculum. Research has shown benefits for learning in literacy, maths, science, social studies and the arts as well as enhanced critical thinking, empathy and self direction.

This session will focus on planning for a Mantle of the Expert experience. Participants will have the opportunity to view examples of planning produced for New Zealand contexts. They will also be guided through the pre-planning and mapping phases of creating a new Mantle. Discussion will include: planning for safety, clear signalling of the fiction, ensuring commitment and buy in, supporting key competencies and curriculum learning areas. The nuances of planning for junior students and for specialist classes at intermediate and secondary level will also be considered.


Who should attend:

Teachers who attended ‘Introduction to Mantle of the Expert’ workshop.

Primary and secondary teachers and others interested in innovative approaches to education. Attendance at first session not a pre-requisite for attendance at this session.


Dr Viv Aitken
Dr Viv Aitken is a research associate with the University of Waikato and a consultant with the Institute of Professional Learning. Viv has been researching and teaching courses in Mantle of the Expert at undergraduate and Masters level since 2009. In her current role as Ministry accredited Facilitator, she offers PLD to teachers and schools around NZ. Viv is convenor of and co-author of ‘Connecting Curriculum, Linking Learning.’

Course Details

Location: Gisborne
Date(s): Fri, 1st Sep 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Cost: $113.85 inc. GST

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